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Training Options

Training of trainers (TOT)

The TOT programme is designed for trainers and leaders in community-based organisations, including therapists, counsellors, project managers, ECD trainers, teachers and activists.

ECD and foundation phase training

This training is designed for ECD and foundation phase training and provides personal awareness and skills in using the Persona Doll approach with young children.

ECD community-based and home-based training

This training course is designed for community-based and home-based ECD practitioners, family and community visitors, play group leaders and family facilitators working in communities.

Intermediate and senior phase training

The National Curriculum Statement stresses the need for inclusivity as a central feature of the organisation, planning and teaching in schools.

Teen Persona Doll Training

In the context of high levels of HIV infections and the related stigma, prejudice, gender issues and abuse, crime and gender violence, there is urgent need for effective ways to address these challenges with young people.

TVET ECD training

South African ECD sites and schools mirror the diverse communities that children come from and include children with different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and challenges.


PDT offers an e-learning programme to promote inclusive practice and diversity. This is a stand-alone offering, comprising three modules: ‘Beginning with self’, ‘Anti-bias education’ and ‘Diversity and inclusion’.

Diversity Training

We offer a two-day diversity training course designed for organisations, institutions and corporates committed to transformation and the values of inclusive, respectful practice.

UCT SDU Course

PDT offers a professional development course on ‘Anti-bias and Persona Dolls in Early Childhood Education’, in conjunction with the Schools Development Unit at the University of Cape Town (UCT).